Depositing Perfect Money e-wallet in each country

To deposit money into Perfect Money e-wallet, you need to have an account at Perfect Money. If not, please read the article

Exchange Partners

Perfect Money’s authorized exchange partners can process payments for you and deposit the funds into your Perfect Money account. This allows you to make deposits without the use of wire transfers or an e-currency account. Exchange partners charge a small convenience charge for their service, but deposits are processed as soon as they are received from the exchange partner. Perfect Money maintains a list of authorized exchange partners to ensure that accountholders don’t lose money to unauthorized exchange agents.

I. Some websites support automatic Perfect Money exchange. Fast transaction, certified and tested by Perfect Money.

1. PP2pm.com

2. E-Obmen.net

  • Exchange USDT(TRC20), BTC to PerfectMoney
  • Exchange Payeer, AdvCash to PerfectMoney

3. Remitano.com

  • Exchange USDT,ADA,BTC,BUSD,DOGE,DOT,SHIB…. to PerfectMoney
  • Exchange currencies GHS,INR,KESR,MYRR,NGNR,PHPR,VND,ZAR to PerfectMoney

4. Vnexmoney.com

  • Exchange BTC,USDT,ETC,ETH,BCH,LTC,XRP,DOGE,ZEC… to PerfectMoney
  • Exchange WMZ to PerfectMoney

5. Rimiti.com

  • Exchange BTC,USDT,ETH to PerfectMoney
  • Exchange WMZ,Payeer,AdvCash to PerfectMoney

II. How to search for websites that are censored by Perfect Money and certified to be safe for money exchange.

1. Log in to your Perfect Money account.

0. Login Perfect Money

2. Click on depositon the menu.

1. Click On Depositon The Menu

3. Click Certified Partners.

These are partners that have been certified and censored by Perfect Money company to be safe for users around the world.

2. Click Certified Partners

4. Choose a website that supports Perfect Money recharge.

Choose an appropriate website that supports the bank or currency of your country.

– For example, in China, you can search for websites that support sending and exchanging Perfect Money through Union.

– You can choose websites that support direct conversion from popular cryptocurrencies like USDC, USDT, BUSD, ETH, BITCOIN, DOGE and many more.

– Or you can choose to top up Perfect Money via Visa, Master Card, Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill.

To search quickly, press Ctrl + F and enter the keyword you want to find, such as “Paypal”, “Union”, “USDT”, “Visa”…

3. Search Quickly Website